Our uniqiue Havdalah Set is crafted from parts of recycled bottles. The set includes a Kiddush Cup, a jar for aromatic spices, a candle holder to hold a multi-wick Havdalah candle, and a rectangle tray to hold all of the pieces. All of our products are hand painted. Each piece is hand signed by the artist. Our unique designs are permanently fused to the glass using kiln-heating. Seen here in Ocean Breeze, this plate features rich blends of lapis blue, amber and white.

Havdalah Set - Ocean Breeze


Rectangle Tray 6"W x 12"L

Kiddush Cup 6.5"H x 2"W

Candle Holder 4"H x 3"W

Spice Holder 2.5"H x 2.5"W

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