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7 Tips for Rosh Hashanah: Get Closer to Your Best Self

For those who don't know, Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. It is both a time of rejoicing and of serious introspection, a time to celebrate the completion of another year while also taking stock of one’s life.

apples for rosh hashanah

Apples and honey symbolize our wishes for a sweet new year. The challah, typically long and braided, is round for Rosh Hashanah to remind us of the cycle of life. Many of us eat “new fruits” such as lychees, star fruits and pomegranates in anticipation to celebrate the newness of the year. There's also...the fish head. A culinary pun as Rosh Hashanah literally means 'head of the year'.

challah bread for rosh hashanah

Everything about September feels like a new beginning - new season, new school year and the coming of sweater weather. The Jewish New Year begins at a time when nature is in a state of decay, which if you think of it, serves as a proclamation of hope and a deep reminder of the possibility for renewal.

pomegranates and new fruits for rosh hashanah

Rosh Hashanah requires a deeper kind of countenance called “heshbon hanefesh,” literally an “accounting of the soul.” This holiday affords us serious reflection on the past year, which is why Rosh Hashana is also referred to as Yom Hazikaron, or the Day of Remembrance.

Whatever your spiritual path, we invite you to self reflect and refocus your goals this new season with these 7 tips:

1. Change Your Habits It never truly feels like the right time to change an ingrained habit. Stop waiting for that magic moment that will seemingly never actually come. Stop searching for perfection and start today. 2. Acceptance Nothing can change over night. If we put work into something every day, we will start to see the results flow. Take steps towards your goals and accept every small victory for what it is. 3. Record Your Goals Write them down, type them out, or even text them to yourself, Set out your goals for the next month, or even the whole year. The timeline depends on what is good and true for you. Recording your goals make it more likely you will commit to action. 4. Share Your Story Share your goals with someone. Create a circle of support and accountability for yourself. Having people on your team rooting you on will inspire you to keep going.

5. One Step at a Time Break down your goals into actionable steps. Instead of saying things like, "I'd like to lose weight.", write down steps to can take to make that goal happen such as committing to a workout or vowing not to put sugar in your coffee. Every small step you take is one step closer to your goal.

6. Focus on the Finish Line Nothing in life comes without sacrifice. Focus on what you are working towards rather than what you are giving up. Every step in life has hardships, but dedicate your time and attention to the positive rather than the negative.

7. Be Kind Don't forget to be kind and gentle to yourself. Forgive yourself when you make a mistake or slip up. Talk to yourself with love and compassion. Be understanding and allow yourself to find the inspiration to get back on track if you fall off.

Wishing you all L'Shana Tovah

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