This glass mezuzah is hand painted with our custom color blends and finished with our signature flourish branch. It includes a printed scroll and comes packed in a gift box that includes a small set of nails for hanging and printed hanging instructions. The printed scroll can easily be switched out at home for a kosher scroll of your choice.  Please keep in mind the max height our scroll case can fit is anything just under 4". This mezuzah is available in your choice of a clear or fully painted scroll case.

This mezuzah can be hung indoors or outdoors and will beautify any area in which it is displayed. If hung outdoors, we recommend only hanging in a space that is protected from the elements. This piece makes for a memorable gift for Housewarmings, Weddings or any occasion.

All of our products are hand painted with glass enamel paints. Our unique designs are permanently fused to the glass using kiln-heating. All products are handmade at our studio in Litchfield, New Hampshire USA.

Seen here in Lavender Field, this mezuzah features rich blends of amethyst purple, peridot green and white.

Mezuzah - Lavender Field

Scroll Cover

6.25" L x 1.2" W

Sand and Water Creations in Glass

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