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With nature and our environment in mind, Amalia has designed a line of eco-friendly glass art that is multi-functional and fun.  

“By combining my graphic design background and love of design with my passion for working with glass, I am able to create unique pieces of glass art.”

Amalia handcrafts her glassware using kiln-formed glass molds and kiln techniques. Each piece is hand-painted with special glass enamels and then kiln-fired to enable the enamels to fuse. Many of Amalia's pieces feature her signature Tree of Life, which symbolizes strength and growth in all aspects of life. Her "Tree of Life" wall art is created in various colors.

Amalia's family is a combination of many different cultures that have influenced her art, especially her grandmother Marie Glaser. The artist's diverse training in graphic design, metalsmithing, photography, and silk painting led her to glass as an intriguing art medium. Impressionism greatly influences her style, and the colors of nature and the environment are recurrent themes in Amalia's work.
Each piece is unique and dynamic, reflecting the artist's love of impressionism and natural beauty. Her creations make beautiful, functional art pieces that many people can enjoy.
She is inspired by the beauty of nature and translates its various nuances into these beautiful glassware pieces. Each piece takes on a unique look depending on where it is placed and at what angle its light source hits it. 

Amalia is also happy to customize her art.

Sand and Water Creations can be found in over 100 retailers and specialty gift shops across the country. Her passion and innovation continue growing as she travels and sells her work, meeting the people her art has touched. Amalia lives in Litchfield, NH, and came to the United States by way of Romania and Israel.

Fun Pictures From The Studio

Amalia is Getting Filmed by theNH Chronicle
Amalia Opening the kiln in the Studio
Amalia Filing Glass in the Studio

The Artist
Amalia Flaisher

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