November 9, 2018

Lots of sad things happening these days as we march into the holiday season.. Thankfully, some of us are fortunate enough to have never had to go through such things, which makes it even more necessary to give thanks to the biggest yet unnoticeable happenings within our lives. If you haven’t already started thinking about what you’re grateful for this year, this week is the time to start and here are a 10 things you should be thinking about:

1. Safety

Be thankful for not having to go out into the battlefield yourself just to stay safe and to have freedom. We never see it, but we feel our freed...

October 1, 2018

We couldn’t be more excited about the beginning of fall! It is so fun to spend time outside and see the leaves turning here in New England! Since home is the heart of the upcoming season, here are five fall home refresh tips to bring new life to a space:

1. Create a Welcoming Space
It’s so important to have a dining table ready for fall. Your home will come alive with what matters

most, your friends and family!

Simply adding an elegant centerpiece such as a vase or candle holders can make your table feel extra inviting.

Speaking of candle holders...


2. Invite in Warmt...

September 7, 2018

Everything about September feels like a new beginning - new season, new school year and the coming of sweater weather. The Jewish New Year begins at a time when nature is in a state of decay, which if you think of it, serves as a proclamation of hope and a deep reminder of the possibility for renewal.

June 1, 2017

The warmer weather is almost starting to set in and here in New Hampshire where the winter months can be long and harsh, we are so ready! During the late spring months, we love to spend time outside enjoying fresh air and some al fresco dining. Here are some of our favorite picks for those warm sunshine days!

Long Serving Tray $119.88

We love the relaxing atmosphere that comes with dining outside on warm evenings. The best memories are made sitting around a table with family and friends, partaking in good food and conversation. Our long serving tray is a great functional piece for serving sm...

April 18, 2017

Spring is officially upon us and we are nearing the time of year where we take special time and considerations to honor all of the special woman in our lives! We can use these holidays as reminders to spread out our thoughtfulness across the year while also using them as an opportunity culminate all of our collective kindness with a simple and unique gift.

Here you will find our selection of unique and simple Mother's Day gifts that will transcend time and be cherished forever. 

1. Recycled Flower Vase $60

Spruce up the usual bouquet of Mother's Day flowers with one of our beautiful flow...

November 17, 2016

We are officially entering another wonderful season of giving! This is the time of year to reflect on  and be thankful for all of the love and light that we receive from our family, friends and co-workers year round. Before we begin, we want to thank all of those reading this for being here. Thank you for taking part in this great journey with us and supporting us through and through!

Don't you feel that everyone just talking about how stressful the holidays are makes it even MORE stressful? So do we. That's why we are here to remind you that the holidays are supposed to be FUN. We wa...

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November 17, 2016

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