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Spice It Up!

!! NEW ITEM !!

Spice Cellars. . . truth is, I was unsure of their official name until I recently received a request for a pair of them. I'm quite happy with how they came out and even more thrilled that I finally found a use for these wooden sealed tops!

The picture and quote below are from their first satisfied customer!

"I was on the search for a not run of the mill butter dish like from Bed Bath and Beyond etc. I found one on Etsy and just received my order and am thrilled! They are really works of art. I got the blue butter dish and matching salt and pepper cellars. The colors in my kitchen pop now and I’m going to incorporate more blues into it because of these pieces! I’ll be getting more items soon since I found the website! Thanks Sand and Water!" Lauren Herrera

New Materials, New Features

A part of our goal is to continuously grow and expand our horizons as a studio. Covid-19 promoted growth in many ways, specifically in the time I had to mentally explore my own art and start questioning new designs. With this mental concept shift ... in the upcoming months and seasons, I look forward to sharing my new ideas and creations with you!


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