Thanksgiving with Ama

Hello Glassy People! It's nice to see you here again :) The Holiday season is among us and if you've been keeping up with the "Adventures of Ama" you'd know that a Thanksgiving feast is in order! Ama has gathered together many of her friends including "Kye" the black cat, "Yo" the scarecrow, and "Omar" the rooster to celebrate. Check out what each friend is bringing to the festivities - all featured on Sand and Water hand-painted recycled glass pieces. I know. . . a bit ironic that Omar the rooster is bringing turkey to Friendsgiving. Upcoming adventures will feature future holiday items such as Hannukah and Christmas ornaments- Great gift ideas for everyone in the family! Your opinion is ne

The Adventures of Ama

Hello lovely people! If you're reading this, you must be following along with our social media Scavenger Hunt! It's our first game trial and we are super excited! For a little background on "Ama", her name was derived from my first name (Amalia) and although she is currently a witch - to satisfy this week's Halloween theme, her character will be forever changing. My goal is that Ama will serve as a sort of "mascot" and bridge between me and you. I also hoped to provide something new and fun for all of you to follow along with as we continue in our daily routines. We are also are equally excited about restarting this blog! It's been about 2 years since the last time it got launched and hopefu

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