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5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life: Autumn Refresh

We couldn’t be more excited about the beginning of fall! It is so fun to spend time outside and see the leaves turning here in New England! Since home is the heart of the upcoming season, here are five fall home refresh tips to bring new life to a space:

apples for rosh hashanah

1. Create a Welcoming Space It’s so important to have a dining table ready for fall. Your home will come alive with what matters

most, your friends and family!

Simply adding an elegant centerpiece such as a vase or candle holders can make your table feel extra inviting. Speaking of candle holders...

challah bread for rosh hashanah

2. Invite in Warmth with Candle Holders On a chilly fall night, you’ll want to have candles, you can light or turn on to warm up the room, especially when it’s getting dark outside!

serving tray and butter dish

3. Soften a Space with Warm Colors

Use warm tones inspired by nature to soften a space, or even define a space and add color. Warm colors are an invitation to relax and get comfortable. Everyone in your home will thank you for creating a comfortable space!

textured tray for cupcakes and appetizers

4. Multiply Textures and Function Pieces such as our Bark Trays not only add texture, but they are a stylish decorative element as well as bring organization to any room. We love creating pieces that serve more than one purpose!

soap dispenser amber yellow for fall

5. Bring in Your Favorite Touches

It’s the little things that bring a home to life, so make them more personal to show off your unique style. A fun and vibrant new soap dispenser doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen, but can add so much personality, style and a seasonal touch to your home.

What are the elements, colors and styles that speak to you this time of year? Add more of those and make your home your own!

Wishing You a Warm and Joyful Fall Season!

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