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6 Holiday Gift Ideas

We are officially entering another wonderful season of giving! This is the time of year to reflect on and be thankful for all of the love and light that we receive from our family, friends and co-workers year round. Before we begin, we want to thank all of those reading this for being here. Thank you for taking part in this great journey with us and supporting us through and through!

Don't you feel that everyone just talking about how stressful the holidays are makes it even MORE stressful? So do we. That's why we are here to remind you that the holidays are supposed to be FUN. We want to challenge you to shop with a conscious this holiday season, because choosing thoughtful and curated gifts is fun! We want to share with you our beautiful works of art that are also functional to use and display throughout the home.


1. Recycled Glass Drinking Cups

We know what we'll be drinking our Holiday cocktails out of this year! Our unique drinking glasses are made from recycled wine bottles. These awesome glasses are available in all of our signature colors, but we are also available to customize them as well! We sell them on our website for $25.50 each, but they are also available in a boxed set of 2 for $45.00 when you order by phone! Contact us to inquire about larger sets!


2. Custom Pet Wind Chime

I think we can all agree that our pets are a part of our family. Send us a picture and we will create a custom portrait on one of our recycled wind bottle wind chimes! This is a personalized gift that is unique, beautiful, good for the environment (we LOVE recycling) and will serve as a sentimental memory for years and years to come.


3. Hanging Home Blessings

A Home Blessing is a simple and elegant way to show someone you appreciate them. This is a great gift for an individual or an entire family that will be treasured and heart felt. We offer multiple sizes and great colors palettes for every taste and style. These blessing will welcome positive energy into a home as soon as they are hung!


4. Serving Tray

A thoughtful gift to your holiday hosts this year will be something they can open and use right away at the holiday table! Our serving tray is great for serving food, while the handles make hosting and entertaining smart and functional. The best part is, when all the season is over and the parties are said and done, this tray can be transitioned into a lovely centerpiece for a table or counter top, or even used on a bedroom or bathroom vanity to hold toiletries and cosmetics. Useful and beautiful all year round! (Psst...Our hand wire wrapped spreading knife is a great add-on to go with this tray!)


5. Candle Holders

The end of the year is often celebrated as a time of light as joy. Regardless of religion or spirituality, we all have our own special traditions around this time of year that all have to do with bringing light into darkness. Our candle holders are crafted from recycled glass bottles. They are topped with chrome candle drip cups that can comfortably hold taper candles, Shabbat candles or tea lights. Our candle holders are enjoyed year round to create a cozy atmosphere at home or to light up any special occasion.


6. Judaica

We offer a full line of handmade one of a kind Judaica items. Many of our pieces are crafted from recycled glass such as our Menorahs and Dreidels. We also offer gorgeous Kiddush Cups and Challah Trays. We love to share our inspirations with you, especially during this time of light and dedication.


Thank you for reading! Please share this post with your friends!

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