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Unique Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Spring is officially upon us and we are nearing the time of year where we take special time and considerations to honor all of the special woman in our lives! We can use these holidays as reminders to spread out our thoughtfulness across the year while also using them as an opportunity culminate all of our collective kindness with a simple and unique gift. Here you will find our selection of unique and simple Mother's Day gifts that will transcend time and be cherished forever.

1. Recycled Flower Vase $60

Spruce up the usual bouquet of Mother's Day flowers with one of our beautiful flower vases. These are made from recycled wine bottles, can be easily washed and are painted with beautiful vibrant blends of color. This vase is begging to be used over and over again!


2. Keepsake Home Blessing $54

This hanging Home Blessing has a sentimental blessing text and a tube that can hold a small array of fresh flowers. Whoever receives this gorgeous blessing along with a single rose or a small array of flowers will have a heart and home filled with joy.


3. Spring Themed Recycled Wind Chimes $39

It is a great time to be outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather! These wind chimes will bring light soothing sounds when the breeze hits and will brighten any indoor or outdoor space! We have several new spring and summer themed designs.


4. Wine Glass $48

Give the gift of relaxation in the form of a bottle of wine and a gorgeous cup to serve it in! Throw in a massage and some delicious food and you'll win yourself some serious brownie points with mom!


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