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Sunny Days Have Begun

The warmer weather is almost starting to set in and here in New Hampshire where the winter months can be long and harsh, we are so ready! During the late spring months, we love to spend time outside enjoying fresh air and some al fresco dining. Here are some of our favorite picks for those warm sunshine days!

We love the relaxing atmosphere that comes with dining outside on warm evenings. The best memories are made sitting around a table with family and friends, partaking in good food and conversation. Our long serving tray is a great functional piece for serving small shared plates.


What better time to listen to the soothing sounds of a soft bell chime and enjoy the sunshine. We have several nature themed wind chimes that can be enjoyed indoors are outdoors all season long.


It's a great time of year to freshen up the decor around your home. Our unique pyramid soap dispensers are a great addition to a kitchen or bathroom. You don't need a huge budget to spruce up the decor in a space - a few vibrant staple pieces can add much needed color and excitement.


Thank you for reading!

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